Candelo Markets

The Candelo Markets are held on the 1st Sunday of every month. Since the first Candelo Market in 1982, the Market has grown through community support, to fund community projects and make a place for itself in the Shire. This looks set to continue far into the future.

Over 30 years old and still going strong

Despite the current tight economic conditions, the Market continues to operate successfully and has the reputation amongst regular stallholder of being the best organised and happiest market around.  It is a wonderfully diverse market, with stallholders selling everything from food, plants, clothing, livestock and second-hand goods. Something for everyone!

A mention in the “Good Food Guide’ a few years ago is certainly a feather in the cap for Candelo Market and the produce offered there.

The Candelo Market Committee is fortunate to have our local ‘firies’ to manage the traffic flow and parking.  Their  expertise and dedication contribute to the smooth running of the market, and the monthly donation from the Market Committee and the public all go to support this vital local voluntary service.

Also important to the smooth running of the market are the regular stall fee collectors, amongst whom are some of our local young people, who not only do a great job for the committee, but who represent themselves and their town beautifully.  It is sometimes not an easy job, dealing with a diverse group of people such as they face each month.

Since its original goal of providing Candelo with a 50 metre swimming pool complex, complete with a major solar heating system, was achieved, the Market Committee has been pleased to be able to make substantial donations to support local organisations, such as the Candelo Showground, the Candelo Cemetery, the Candelo School and Landcare.

Landcare’s efforts to provide a river crossing to the pool received a donation from The Market Committee when their grant money fell short. This enabled Landcare to complete the project.  Unfortunately, the crossing was swept away in the last flood, and we are still waiting for Council to build a replacement.  The crossing was used by school children for safe pool access to the pool, as well as by dozens of local residents and tourists.

The Market Committee offered financial assistance to the local RSL group, to help with the upgrading of our local memorial.  As a result, the memorial is once again a fitting tribute to fallen residents.

The Market Committee provided extra seating in the park which Council installed, and the Candelo Tennis Club received financial support recently, to allow its members to continue with their plans to upgrade the tennis courts.

The installation of new play equipment in the park was another satisfying project funded by the Market Committee.  As a result, many more people – and especially children – now enjoy our beautiful park area.

Candelo’s local business houses enjoy a wonderful increase in trade on market days.

In its thirty years of operation, the Candelo Market has contributed enormously to the improvement of life in Candelo, not only financially, but socially. It has become a lynchpin of life in Candelo and the Committee certainly hopes that it continues to do so for another thirty years.’